The Colombian NGO “Temblores” and “Indepaz” have registered 4852 cases of police violence for the time period between April 28 to July 15, 2021. Among them, 1661 victims of physical violence, 44 deaths, 2053 arbitrary arrests, 90 people with eye injuries, 35 cases of sexual violence, and more than 300 disappearances. The number of dead and injured increases every day.

Why should Germany take responsibility?

Germany is Colombia’s fifth largest trading partner with a trade volume of 2.5 billion euros (2019) and largest trading partner within the EU (since 2013) [Link]. Moreover, as recently as December 2020, 509.3 million euros were approved for new technical and financial cooperation projects (grants and loans) (ibid.). Major German companies have their own production facilities in Colombia; conversely, some 3,500 Colombian students study at German universities; there are more than 260 university collaborations between the two countries (ibid.). Colombia has been suffering from an armed conflict for more than seventy years, with more than 9 million victims [Link]. In the past, German companies have also been implicated in the violence with their businesses [Link][Link]. 

Although a far-reaching peace agreement was signed between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP guerrillas in 2016, the 2018 elected government has been slow to implement the agreement since then [Link]. In addition, violence against peace and human rights activists is growing, mostly with impunity: over 1000 activists have been murdered since 2016, 134 activists have been murdered in the current year alone [Link], and there have been 60 massacres with 226 fatalities [Link]. This has mainly affected indigenous (over 20% of victims), Afro-Colombian and environmental activists. Since 2019, the violent repression of protests by state and para-state security forces has increased. In 2021, this has resulted in the deaths of 80 people [Link]. 

Given the close economic, scientific, and development cooperation through which Germany invests heavily in Colombia, the German government should guarantee that these funds are used to strengthen, not weaken, human rights, democracy, peace, and environmental protection. In addition, the German government should recognize the existing conditions of violence in Colombia and grant asylum to politically persecuted Colombians instead of assuming that Colombia is a safe country of origin.

Do you feel helpless with the social and political unrest in Colombia?

Do you have the feeling that your voice is not being heard?

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do for Colombia while being in Germany?


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The “CAMPAIGN FOR PEACE IN COLOMBIA” is an initiative of Colombian civil society living in Germany that aims to ensure that the new German government elected this September will guarantee the protection of human rights, democracy, peace, and the environment in Colombia. In addition, the campaign demands that the new federal government recognizes the existing violence in Colombia and grants asylum to politically persecuted Colombians instead of calling Colombia a safe country.

How does the campaign work?

In the first phase of the “CAMPAIGN FOR PEACE IN COLOMBIA“, which we moderate as organizers, we will contact candidates who want to become members of the new German parliament, the Bundestag. They will sign a similar document and thereby agree to support our demands.

As soon as the new government is formed, it is important to ensure its effective commitment with Colombia: This is where you become part of the “CAMPAIGN FOR THE PEACE OF COLOMBIA“, regardless of your age, nationality, or legal status in the country.

The ONLY thing you need to do is:

  1. Download the file found on this page.
  2. Sign the document and send it to the address given there
  3. If you want to do more, you can also email us and order more postcards to distribute to your friends, family, at events, or in your neighborhood.
  4. Finally: share the campaign and our website with all your friends and in all your social networks with the following hashtags: #AlemaniaPorLaPazColombiana #DeutschlandFürFriedenInKolumbien

With the postcards, we want to symbolically tell the new German government that WE ARE MANY who long for PEACE in Colombia, where human rights are protected, but also demand the new German government to take RESPONSIBILITY on this issue NOW. On this webpage, we will keep you informed about news of the CAMPAIGN FOR PEACE.

The success of the “CAMPAIGN FOR THE PEACE OF COLOMBIA” depends on your support: We are counting on you!


We are an association of Colombia-related political and socially engaged organizations, collectives/diasporas and individuals throughout Germany. Colombian migrants as well as German and foreign people interested in Colombia and Latin America participate actively in our initiative.